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Play for Fun or Play for Profits
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MOBILE APPS Over 500 million apps are download per day, with the average person downloading 3-5 new apps each month…and they do NOT get rewarded for it. FireFan provides the way for people to experience apps and get real REWARDS.
SPORTS Sports continue to capture the hearts and minds of over half the world’s population, providing an opportunity that over 4 Billion people are attracted to. FireFan brings sports fans from the around the globe together in a LIVE sports experience that’s changing world of sports gaming.
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REWARDS Currently the Rewards industry is a $12 Billion giant with more than 2.65 Billion people actively participating in rewards programs! FireFan offers real-world REWARDS for the every day user.

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United Games presents…FireFan. Where mobile apps, sports, and rewards ALL come together.
PLAY along with your favorite sports teams and games, or participate in other apps offered.
SHARE with friends for rewards and cash!
EARN rewards, cash, and profits as you help us share the FireFan movement.
Try FireFan Today! Use sharecode "SDGlobal" to be connected.

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